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OnePlus wants to deliver your smartphone in 60 minutes or it’s free

National postmen of any kind are the group of individuals that get your mail delivered. Albeit sometimes their delivery times aren’t always accurate, they usually get the job done.

OnePlus UK doesn’t want you to wait after you’ve ordered a OnePlus 2 or OnePlus X and assures you that if you order those phones today, you’ll get it in less than an hour.

Or else, it’s totally free and won’t cost you anything.


Those living around London will be really lucky today. As the Chinese manufacturer has joined forces with Henchman – a local delivery service – to get your new OnePlus device to your doorstep under an hour.

That’s not all, during the promotion when you order one of the two devices you stand a chance to either receive a limited-edition version of the OnePlus X or a OnePlus 2 plus added accessories at no extra charge.

If you live in these areas in across central London, you’re in luck:

Hammersmith and Shepherds Bush (west)
Shoreditch and the City (east)
Camden and Primrose Hill (north)
Battersea and Bermondsey (south)


The stock will be extremely limited, as per conditions and you can expect a lot of people trying to get their hands on these two devices. For more info head on over to their website.

Here’s all the info you’ll need on the OnePlus X.

And this was our review of the OnePlus 2:

This delivery trend isn’t all that new. Xiaomi has done it before partnering with Uber in our own country and other Asian neighbours. The one that most people remember is when Global Operations VP Hugo Barra did it himself in Hong Kong while in a Tesla. Best of all, some of the people who received the phone from him got their money back.

You can watch the video below:

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