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Samsung ninja-fixes the Galaxy Note5’s S Pen design flaw

Most of us have heard the stories about the Samsung Galaxy Note5‘s S Pen getting stuck and breaking if you stick it into the slot backwards. Some of us have tried it out for ourselves first hand. It seemed like a gigantic design oversight by the South Korean electronics giant, but the solution was a simple one — don’t put the pen in backwards.

Sometimes, accidents happen and it seems that Samsung has picked up on that as they’ve quietly fixed this gigantic flaw with the S Pen via a hardware modification to their newer Galaxy Note5 models. But, as there is no way of telling if your device has the fix, please don’t try this with your own device.


Based on the image, it looks like Samsung have added a little lever (left) to the original circuit board which looks like it will allow users to eject the S Pen if it were inserted the wrong way. According to Phandroid’s sources, this new mechanism works beautifully despite the fact that it looks like it is being held together by some tape.

We don’t think that’s how Samsung will actually hold the lever there, but if there is a fix for this issue it is pretty good news. However, since Samsung made the oversight in the first place, we’re sure many of the early Galaxy Note5 adopters must be pissed that their device doesn’t have this hardware fix.

Plus, since Samsung seems to have ninja-fixed this, it doesn’t look like they want others to find out about it which is kind of a bummer. While we’d like to hope that Samsung will offer a hotfix for this problem to existing Galaxy Note5 users, we highly doubt that will be the case.

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Despite the flak they got for that S Pen oversight, it hasn’t stopped the electronics manufacturer from patenting what looks like an S Pen case for non-Note Galaxy devices. The case seems to feature a curved side ala-Galaxy Note Edge where the S Pen slots into. However, this is just a patent and since it looks like it attaches to the front of the device, this “case” could very well be a face plate that Samsung plans to slap onto an upcoming device.

Do you own a Galaxy Note5? Let us know what you think about this in the comments section below.