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Upcoming Samsung fitness tracker looks like a fitter and leaner Gear S2


While the Samsung Gear S2 has been a popular wearable with its refreshing circular design and rugged good looks, this device is still a-mid-to-high-end smartwatch which means that it is — for the most part — inaccessible to a large majority of the public. In fact, most smartwatches suffer this same fate, which is why fitness trackers that are cheaper but still retain many smartwatch functions, like Fitbit‘s lineup, have been immensely popular.

Well, Samsung wants to try their hand at shaking up the budget fitness tracker market as the company is allegedly working on a fitness tracker with a new, dare we say revolutionary, feature up its sleeve.

Awhile back, SamMobile, in an exclusive, revealed that the South Korean electronics giant was working in a fitness tracker bearing the model number SM-R150. The entry-level wearable was supposedly called the Triathlon internally, which hints at the direction that Samsung seems to be going with this device. While initially thought to bear a resemblance to the Xiaomi Mi Band, new images have surfaced that suggests the smartwatch could be a whole lot more sophisticated.

Based on the images, this wearable looks to sport a circular watch face, much like the Gear S2, with a chrome-ish rotatable bezel set into what looks like a rubber body and strap. It looks a touch thinner than the chunky Gear S2. which could mean less functions, a lighter weight as well as hopefully a lower price.

The folks at SamMobile suspect that this wearable could feature Samsung’s newly unveiled Bio Processor which is a dedicated processor for fitness tracking. The Bio Processor is hoping to shake up and revolutionise the fitness tracker market by providing more accurate and reliable health and fitness tracking by eliminating the need for external processing — allowing the data to be pushed out live.

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Not only is it supposed to improve on the current tracker’s existing functions, it will add depth to fitness trackers as well allowing things like a bioelectrical impedance analysis, a detailed breakdown of organ measurements, an electrocardiogram showing electrical activity of one’s heart and a graph showing skin temperature.

As a result, this wearable looks like it will come with a heart rate sensor plus the possibility of being attached to one’s chest using some kind of accessory. Either way, the make-or-break feature about this device should be its price. If Samsung can find a reasonably low price to market it at, it looks like it could definitely be a strong contender to the likes of the Fitbit Pulse or Garmin Forerunner 225. Then again, with its good looks it could potentially take on Fitbit’s new Blaze as well but of course that will depend heavily on the feature set and price.