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Sony Xperia Z5 Dual Review: A decent flagship but it’s time for a reboot



Competing in a market with Apple and Samsung is definitely tough to do, more so when you have affordable Chinese brands chipping away at your market share. You have to juggle between innovating, designing, marketing and setting price points. So far, Sony has been on the short end of the stick but they were once in a very different position.

This Japanese company used to be offer different designs and qualities in their smartphones. They once tried different things and were daring enough to explore angles that others didn’t. We had the CyberShot and Walkman lines from the Sony Ericsson days. Then on after restructuring to be “Sony” they came up with their first device, the Xperia S as well as the Xperia Ion, their first 4G LTE smartphone.

Change is necessary if they want to be competitive

Moving with the times, their competitors have shaken up their own brands.

Samsung has started to ditch plastic-backed smartphones, now instead making use of more metal and glass panels – as seen on their mid-range Galaxy A series.

And as everyone has been noticing, Chinese brands like Xiaomi has begun making metal unibody smartphones. Even using the design on their most affordable device yet – the Redmi 3.

Huawei, the other Chinese brand has refined their methods and designs to great lengths, now putting great specs and better designs to the point of creating the premium Mate S. They also partnered with Google to make the flagship Nexus 6P.

So what about Sony? Read on to find out about the Xperia Z5 Dual.

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