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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 review: Best of the breed

Type better


It has taken a lot of tweaking for the new Type Cover to finally get here. The earlier iterations weren’t bad and the big jump we’re seeing here is the trackpad changing from plastic to glass and the fact that it’s bigger now by 40%. The glass helps scrolling and cursor movement seems to glide off the smooth surface.

In terms of key spacing, keys are now nicely spaced apart, making typing a lot more familiar. When talking about key travel, it definitely has improved and easily drawing comparisons to laptop alternatives out there. However, don’t expect a mechanical-like experience – these are no Cherry switches.


Microsoft has also added some new buttons: Print Screen and a dedicated “right-click”. The latter we feel has almost no use, because logically, if you could click that button, why not just use the trackpad? Or in a more permanent situation, a mouse.