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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 review: Best of the breed



When you step in the shoes that were once filled by Bill Gates, you better hope that you fulfill your role. Steve Ballmer unfortunately took upon the intimidating task and his reign lasted a good 13 years. A robust character, Ballmer excelled in his early days but by 2012 stock prices were idling too long and that ensued criticism of dropping everything that he had managed to achieve. Many have speculated that the failure of Surface RT tablet was the last straw for Microsoft’s overseeing board of directors, with a US$ 900 million write off being a mistake that couldn’t go unnoticed.

Two years after Ballmer’s retirement, Satya Nadella has filled some big shoes and it has been an upward journey so far. Akin to Ballmer, the Surface Pro 4 sits in a precarious position as it has never been easy living up to your past successes.


Microsoft said during their product launch that the Surface Pro 4 is measurable to the MacBook Air but we haven’t seen a refresh on that since March 2015. And that wasn’t a huge facelift to begin with, so 2016 could really shape up to be a big year for laptops and convertibles; Apple says they won’t bother making anything in-between the MacBook Air and iPad Pro but they may rework their formula – ala a Pencil instead of a stylus.

Competition outside of Apple has everyone trying to “emulate” the Surface(s) and what they can do. The first name that comes to mind is the Lenovo IdeaPad Miix 700, closely followed by HP’s Spectre x2. These two try to do what the Surface Pro 4 does but they don’t match up in terms of specs.

This time around, more power equates to being more expensive. People might stay away hearing that, though we hope you’ll give this a read first before making any preconceived notions just based on the price.

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