You can get the iPad Pro and iPad mini 4 from Celcom with loads of Internet |

You can get the iPad Pro and iPad mini 4 from Celcom with loads of Internet

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The iPad Pro is an expensive and ginormous tablet. If you want to get it for less, you can consider getting one on contract with Celcom’s latest First Internet Plans that comes with up to 40GB of “Internet”. The iPad Pro can be yours from RM3,588 while the compact iPad mini 4 is offered from as low as RM1,268.

Both devices are tied with either 12 months or 24-month contract durations with its new First Blue Internet and First Gold Internet Plans. For heavy duty users, the First Gold Internet plan at RM100/month comes with 40GB of internet that consists of 6GB all-day mobile data, 12GB off-peak mobile data, 4GB weekend mobile data, 6GB all-day WiFi and 12GB off-peak WiFi access. Meanwhile, the First Blue Internet option at RM45/month comes with 2GB of mobile data, 2GB of weekend mobile data and 2GB of WiFi access.

Celcom is offering the Cellular versions for the iPad Pro 128GB, iPad mini 4 16GB and iPad mini 4 64GB. The bundled pricing are as follows:

iPad Pro 128GB (RRP: RM4,899)
First Gold Internet (12 months) – RM3,958
First Gold Internet (24 months) – RM3,588

First Blue Internet (12 months) – RM4,068
First Blue Internet (24 months) – RM3,898

iPad mini 4 16GB (RRP: RM2,099)
First Gold Internet (12 months) – RM1,638
First Gold Internet (24 months) – RM1,268

First Blue Internet (12 months) – RM1,748
First Blue Internet (24 months) – RM1,578

iPad mini 4 64GB (RRP: RM2,499)
First Gold Internet (12 months) – RM1,988
First Gold Internet (24 months) – RM1,618

First Blue Internet (12 months) – RM2,098
First Blue Internet (24 months) – RM1,938

During sign up, you would need to pay an upfront payment between RM100-RM600 depending on plan and contract duration, which will be refunded back to your monthly bills as a rebate across 10 months. For more information, visit Celcom’s iPad Pro and iPad mini 4 product pages.

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3 Comments for You can get the iPad Pro and iPad mini 4 from Celcom with loads of Internet


Not really 40GB

No chance to utilise the Wifi, unless you stay in the heart of the city in a service apartment close to shopping malls. So its 40GB less 18GB = 22GB

Weekends, you mostly spend time with family, shopping so its another 4GB you won't fully utilise

So down to 18 GB of data. Worth if you are gonna stream lots of movies during office hours and get sacked or don't sleep at night at be a zombie at work and risk getting sacked.

You do the maths…


    Congratulations. You are good at math.

    FFS derek Learn Math

    what kind of math are you using?

    RM100/month for that much of internet, Hell yes its worth it even if you dont use it as much, you can carry forward the data (even though i am pretty sure you cant carry forward all of those data types weekend,wifi,off peak Data ect. dont know which one will be carried forward)
    But still the ones you can carry forward is still better then losing the leftover data if you use others eg. Maxis.
    And you dont get anything near that much of data from other company with the same price(maybe there are some other company that i dont know of which offer cheaper).
    But you still cant deny what Celcom offers is pretty good.