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Add some 24K gold to your BlackBerry Priv for RM 1,491


Luxury meets privacy in the form of a 24K gold-plated BlackBerry Priv by Vietnamese folks, Karalux. From skin makers like dbrand and Slickwraps, to pimped out editions with diamonds and just overall expensive devices from brands like Vertu; seems a powerful smartphone isn’t enough anymore for the rich. Those with a large net-worth need a little more from their smartphones and Priv owners can now join the upper class – as if adding gold to your smartphone elevates your status.

While production quality of the video posted by Karalux seems to be subpar, they showcase the Priv with other devices that they’ve pimped out before. Basically the 24K gold replaces any metal accents that you’d find on the BlackBerry’s first Android device – which isn’t a lot to begin with, mainly on the back of the slide out, the rear camera and the top and bottom of the smartphone.


As talked about earlier, existing Priv owners in Vietnam, will get to deck their units out for a cool US$ 350 (RM 1,491), though if you’re in the country and want the gold-plated Priv, it’ll cost you US$ 1,100 (RM 4,687). International buyers, it’ll cost you US$ 1,300 (RM 5,540), if you want the same thing shipped to you.


Malaysians haven’t been too lucky, for no official information has come up on when the BlackBerry Priv will hit our shores. A spotting on SIRIM however, point towards an eventual release but still that’s pretty bare bones, as often these certifications don’t necessarily equate to being sold in our markets.


Karalux’s services extend to other devices too, as they have listings for iPhones, Samsung and Nokia. Vietnam isn’t that far away for us Malaysians, so do tell us if you make the trip up North.  Here’s their page if you’re already planning your excursion.

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