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UE BOOM review: The singing soda can



I never understood the need for a portable wireless speaker. Don’t get me wrong, I love my unnecessary gadgets. In fact I have an entire argument laid out about how I absolutely need a tablet/laptop hybrid even though I already have a laptop. desktop and phablet. That said, I just never saw the point of the Bluetooth speaker.

I’ll admit, I’m no audiophile. Nor was I born in the time frame where “Say Anything…” was a thing. So the notion of carrying around an extra, rather heavy and rather expensive device just to play my music out loud – something I personally detest – seemed incredibly perplexing.

Now that we’ve established my comic-book-esque origin story, we arrive at Ultimate Ears BOOM (UE BOOM). Bought over by Logitech in 2008, Ultimate Ears have been making audio equipment since 1995. Their latest device, the UE BOOM, is an RM799 Bluetooth speaker the size of a can of ping pong balls, designed to be rugged as a rock and perfect for when you need to play your music out loud for everyone to hear. I think you can see where this is going.

I thought so too when I started this review, but now, now I’m not so sure.