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Huawei’s EMUI skin might emulate Apple’s iOS a lot more now


As it is, the Chinese smartphone maker has one thing in common with iOS; lacking an app drawing as one example. Maybe that was why the company has just hired a former Apple director. A steady rise of the hardware quality has already begun, crafting devices like the Ascend Mate 7, the P8 and of late the Mate S and co-creation of the Nexus 6P. This news naturally means that EMUI should get some much needed refinement and rid themselves of gimmicky features like Knuckle Sense.

Abigail Brody is Huawei‘s new hire and she served as Apple’s creative director, as chief user experience designer. Filling the role should come naturally, considering she worked for the software/hardware giants for nearly a decade. Quoted to have defined the way Apple’s applications look and feel from 2001 till 2011, her expertise in R&D will benefit China’s largest smartphone makers many times over.


Brody’s vibes have also been felt in another top tier organisation – eBay, where she was the VP of Global Design. As one of the key designers of iOS 1, Aperture and Final Cut Pro, her repertoire could be a good fit for Huawei.


Success isn’t easily repeated but you should expect EMUI’s interface to get a whole lot better once the manufacturer’s US design studio has been established. Maybe the supplier might spin off their own operating system, who knows?


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