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This accessory solves the pet photo-taking problems you’ve had your whole life


Be it canine, feline or any other tennis ball loving animal, your pets are more inclined to pay attention to round ball like objects. Our fur coated pals couldn’t be bothered of photo-taking, since it brings no benefit to them but now there’s the ball to grab their attention.


More of a ball holder (which probably can be compatible with any tennis ball), the mount attaches itself on your mobile device; the Kickstarter page does highlight that the Pooch Selfie is made specially for iPhones and Samsung Galaxy’s but it should work normally across most smartphones and tablets (if you’re into that kind of thing).

As the squeaky ball is round, it’ll work in either orientation, be it front-facing selfies, or rear camera portraits. Well, this idea is a good one, provided that your pet is actually attracted to the ball though if it starts to lose interest, the ball squeaks – yet again all depending on how amused your pet is.

Clever Dog Products, the makers behind this project has sought $7,000 and have came up with the amount in less than 12 days; if you’re interested in funding this witty product, head on over here to back this project – you have 18 more days to do so.

It’ll cost the following:

$13 + ($10 shipping to Malaysia) – 1 Pooch Selfie
$25 + ($10 shipping to Malaysia) – 2 Pooch Selfies
$35 + ($10 shipping to Malaysia) – 1 Pooch Selfie and 1 Pooch Selfie T-shirt
$45 + ($12 shipping to Malaysia) – 2 Pooch Selfies and 1 Pooch Selfie T-shirt
$58 + ($18 shipping to Malaysia) – 5 Pooch Selfies

What’re you waiting for? Start snapping photos with your pets; be sure to share the photos with us, if you purchase the accessory.