XPAX now offers “Internet Burung Hantu” for the night owl ‘net surfer

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The XPAX Magic SIM is back with a feature formulated just for night owls, aptly dubbed as “Internet Burung Hantu” that gives you free high speed internet from 1AM to 7AM daily.

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During this period of time, you can openly access messaging and chat platforms, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube without a cap.

This however isn’t too far off from what is being offered by Hotlink,  U Mobile and  Digi who has the same 1AM to 7AM time slot YouTube streaming.

To get the benefit of free late night surfing, all one needs to do is subscribe to either XPAX’s weekly or monthly internet plans which starts from RM 10. The five plan options are as follows, Net10 gets you 500MB data for RM 10, Net25 gets you 1GB data for RM 25, Net38 for 2GB data for RM 38 and lastly Net58 for 4GB data with a RM58 subscription fee.

Take note all the data being offered is high-speed 4G LTE, and that the RM 5 daily plan isn’t eligible for the late night free internet benefits.

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All monthly plans will also grant you 75 minutes of free talktime and 75 free SMS, while the Weekly plan will give 15 mins/15SMS and the daily plan only grants 3 mins/3 SMS. After this, you will be charged 2.5 sen/min for your calls with a new call rate of 30 sen per block of 12 minutes talk time.

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There apparently is also fair usage policy in regards to the data but Celcom claims that the limit is “big enough to literally surf unlimited”. This is on top of their 500MB free basic internet per month which you get as long as your subscription is active.

You can check out the plans below, as detailed by their website.

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XPAX burung hantu

Also, for this month only Magic SIM customers can give another Magic SIM to another member of family or friends as part of a promotion with the Internet Burung Hantu launch.