Sony Mobile issues an official statement on its updated waterproof policy

The big question here is can you trust the Ingress Protection (IP) ratings on Sony phones? These questions have popped up since Sony decidedly released its change of policy last week. So far customers are furious that the company whom advertises its phone as being submersible, suddenly ends up changing its stance on the matter. Since then, they’ve issued a statement on their new waterproof guide.

The jist of it is basically Sony wants to:

Demonstrate how you can ensure that no problems occur with your device
Question sensibility when customers use their devices in less than ideal conditions
Remind you that their warranty doesn’t cover water damage

You can check out the statement shown below:

Sony Mobile is committed to providing the highest standards of product quality and customer service. Xperia models that feature levels of dust and water-resistance are validated independently and based on Ingress Protection (IP) standards agreed and used across the industry. We have every confidence in the qualities of Xperia devices, which are built to exacting technical standards and are designed to perform to high standards in normal usage.

The recent changes to guidance we provide to our customers are designed to more clearly illustrate the best ways to protect devices in day-to-day usage. We communicate necessary precautions, and the specific parameters of ingress protection ratings, to help customers to protect their smartphones and tablets in line with the applicable warranty we provide.

We have also recently updated our marketing visuals to better advocate sensible usage of our devices. The warranty terms provided for our products remain the same and any customer concerns will continue to be considered on a case by case basis in line with these terms.”

In the past, we’ve put the Xperia Z smart phone in a pool to show its waterproof-ability but seems like Sony could possibly be trying to dampen hopes of wild adventurers who want to take their phones for a seaside swim (or elsewhere) to manage customers’ expectations – seeing they don’t cover water damage in their warranty.

Sony Malaysia’s Facebook page has also reflected the view of their global HQ as you can see from the comment below.

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Could it mean they might pull the plug on their distinctive marketing ways and opt for a more subtle mention of its waterproof rating ? Share with us your thoughts and if you’ve owned one of these waterproof devices, tell us your experiences while submerging it in any form of water below.