U Mobile has an online store and it could be the best place to buy an iPhone 6


U Mobile finally has an online store where you can buy new smart phones with telco plans from the comfort of your home. Since it is new, there’s only a handful of products available which includes the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and the Galaxy S6.

With the recent price hike for the iPhone 6 in Malaysia, U Mobile appears to be the only telco selling the device outright on prepaid and it is a more affordable than the usual market price.


With its U Mobile Prepaid bundles, the iPhone 6 16GB costs just RM1,982 and it calculates to just RM2,395.60 in total inclusive of the required top up and refundable upfront payment. That’s cheaper than the RM2,699 asking price for the same unit without contract. Since U Mobile prepaid has no contract, you can leave at anytime but you’ll lose out the potential savings from the upfront payment rebates that goes into your credit balance over 24 months. Still, this is a better option than buying one outright.


If you look at the iPhone 6 Plus offer, the largest 128GB is going for RM3,381 all in (inclusive of GST, upfront top up and payment). That’s cheaper than the iPhone 6 Plus 64GB priced at RM3,699 currently.

Interested? You can head over to U Mobile’s online store and it appears that some models in specific colours are already out of stock. If you’re eyeing for an iPhone 6, this is probably your last chance to get it at old prices.

Alexander Wong