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Samsung Gear S2 teaser video is all about the round interface


At the upcoming IFA 2015, Samsung’s next showcase would be its new smart watch, the Gear S2 as teased earlier during the launch of the Galaxy Note 5 and S6 edge+. After the release of its rival Apple Watch, the Korean maker wants to show the world what a smart watch should be.

This time, it gets a round display which has becoming popular among Android Wear. However Samsung is taking the round approach to a whole new level with its rotating bezel ring as opposed to a digital crown that’s being used on the Apple Watch. To get a taste of what to expect, they have finally released the teaser video which was first shown during last week’s event and it revolves around the circular interface.

In terms of design, Samsung has toned down its gadgetry look, opting for a normal watch appearance. With Apple pushing the Watch as a fashion piece, Samsung is expected to follow suit by offering an array of build materials and strap designs. You can view some lifestyle shots of the Gear S2 over here.

One of the pet peeves of having a circular watch is the impracticality of the display versus a square display that gives a more usable space for reading. It is fine for notifications but beyond that, it isn’t ideal for reading long text messages. Can Samsung overcome this shortcomings with the Gear S2? We’ll find out in 2 weeks time. In the mean time, do let us know if you prefer round over square or otherwise.


Alexander Wong