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Maxis reduces price for its SurfMore data top up


Data doesn’t really come cheap on Maxis. After they discontinued its SurfMore 75 postpaid plan, topping up extra data could cost as high as RM35 for 1GB.

With the competition embarking on a price war, customers are getting spoilt for choice with a variety of postpaid plans offering as much as 3GB internet for under RM40. Paying RM25 for 500MB or RM35 for 1GB just doesn’t make any sense these days and Maxis has finally revised its quota top up pricing to more sensible levels.


If you need more data for your SurfMore 50/75 plan, Maxis is now charging just RM15 per 1GB extra. This is the same rate as before but they still omit its previous 5GB for RM50 top up option for heavy usage subscribers. Nevertheless, it is still significantly cheaper than what they have been charging recently.

As part of their Raya promotion, new and existing SurfMore 50 customers will be getting extra 2GB of data for 6 months starting from July until December 2015. This gives you a total of 4GB for just RM50/month. Not as cheap as the rest, but it is better than nothing.

Meanwhile, its current MaxisOne Plan that offers unlimited calls and SMS is still charging RM30 for 1GB. For heavy usage, they are offering 3GB at RM58 or 6GB at RM116, which comes up to RM19.33/GB.