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The Apple Watch: It isn’t the game changer we’re looking for

Health and Fitness


For fitness tracking, Apple has a built-in activity app which keeps track of 3 things – Move, Exercise and Stand. Depending on your profile and type of active lifestyle, it sets daily goals and displays them in a circular display with 3 coloured rings. Your aim is to hit 3 full circles for the different categories.

The stand tracking is probably a good thing for office workers where we tend to slouch in front of the computer for too long. During a 12 hour office hour period, the Watch will constantly remind you to stand up if you haven’t do so in the past 1 hour. It can be annoying but it is a good reminder to stretch out every now and then.

Probably the only thing it lacks is sleep tracking, which we feel is crucial for a fitness tracker. Apple probably omits this knowing that its Watch would need charging every night. Until they improve their battery life, it makes sense for them to omit sleep tracking for now.


Strangely Apple omits from displaying steps which is usually the main denominator for most activity tracker. This is probably done for simplicity as your progress is shown in rings instead of numbers. If you really need to know how many steps you’ve taken, it is actually hidden in the Activity App along with estimated distance taken.

When you’re about to embark on some fitness activity, the Workout app does all the tracking. Just select the type of exercise from indoor walking to outdoor cycling, and the type of goal, be it calorie burn, time, distance or an open workout. As you progress, it tracks your pace, time taken, distance and heart rate. This will be logged into the activity app and it rewards you with badges for every new achievement.

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