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OnePlus 2 will be using USB Type C. First for an Android flagship


Here’s another clue for the upcoming OnePlus 2. After revealing its Snapdragon 810 powerhouse, the 2 will be having a USB Type C connector instead of a usual micro USB connector. If the OnePlus 2 is to be released soon, this could be the first flagship Android to use this new reversible connector.

The USB Type C which looks like Apple’s lightning connector is seen as the new standard for charging and data transfer. It was developed alongside USB 3.1 so you can expect higher data transfer speeds without the bulky micro USB 3.0 connector head that came with the Galaxy Note 3. The new Chromebook Pixel uses it and even latest lightweight MacBook has one without additional thunderbolt or USB ports. For Apple, this is looking like the defacto choice for charging cable.

There are some mobile devices adopting USB Type C, which includes the Nokia N1 as pictured above and some other Chinese smart phone models like the LeTV Max. Perhaps in the next 1-2 years, we can finally settle for a single cable that’s truly universal. After the OnePlus 2, hopefully the new flagships launched in Q3/Q4 would offer USB Type C connector as standard.