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Watch Hugo Barra take apart the Xiaomi Mi 4i, answer questions about the phone


It’s not every day you get to see someone take apart a smartphone by hand, especially one made by their own company. Hugo Barra, lead of the Xiaomi team takes apart their new Xiaomi Mi 4i smartphone while tackling some frequently asked questions about the phone.

Video after the jump.

The Xiaomi team also answers some of the more pressing questions about the Mi 4i, like the reason behind lack of a microSD slot which was removed due to there being no space on the phone to place it. Barra has also confirmed that might be considering a 64GB model for the Mi 4i but this depends a lot on sales and popularity of the larger 16GB model. As for the Snapdragon 615 chipset overheating, Xiaomi says it’s not an issue due to the one in the Mi 4i being the second production generation of that model.

The full extent of the FAQ  can be read here.