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The Galaxy S6 non-removable battery is going to be tough to replace


Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S6 hasn’t yet hit the market but the device teardown website MyFixGuide has already taken it apart.

The teardown shows that the phone is just as well crafted on the inside as it is the outside, but the new glass and metal build makes opening and subsequently, repairing the device a lot harder to the point a heat gun is needed for a few minutes just to remove the back. The battery on the device isn’t as easily replaceable as it appears, as one need to first remove the middle frame, then the NFC chip and then unscrew the motherboard just to access the battery.

The camera module seems to have a fixed based to reduce jitters. It’s pretty clear that the device is very well put together and although the page on MyFixGuide seems to have been since removed for unknown reasons you can still see the teardown images here.