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Need WiFi in your car? Huawei’s got you covered

carfi 4

For those who really need their internet fix, Huawei‘s CarFi pretty much lets you have your WiFi in your car wherever you’re headed to.

The Huawei CarFi is a WiFi dongle that you can plug into your car to create a 4G LTE hotspot with a download speed of up to 150Mbps and 50Mbps upload with support for up to 10 devices simultaneously, for those long hauls across the country. Simply plug it in, slot in your SIM card and it handles the rest, but it looks like you probably have to use it in conjunction with Huawei’s HiLink App. It also has a handy USB slot which you can use to charge your devices so you won’t miss your car charger.

Since the theme is “where speed meets style” Huawei even made it fire-proof with a coating of carbon fiber which makes it look very sleek indeed though we do hope you’ll never need to put the fire proof aspect to the test. No idea when we will be getting it locally but it apparently will be priced at €149 (RM603).

Video and images after the break.

Check out the videos for a taste of how it works, though you probably don’t want to be checking Facebook while you drive.

carfi 3

carfi 2



We are in Barcelona for MWC 2015 so stay tuned for more information as it comes.