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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge spotted next to Galaxy S6 in new leak


We have just barely gotten a good look at the Samsung Galaxy S6 when new images of the smartphone have shown up with the device sitting next to what we believe is it’s Edge variant.

It certainly doesn’t look like it has a ‘three edged screen‘ as previously teased, but while it looks very similar to the Note Edge though it doesn’t appear to have the edges working separately from the main screen like the Galaxy Note Edge but looks like a less angular wrap-around screen.

It might be possible for the display to work separately when needed like if the device were to be in locked mode but for now we can only be certain that it will be showing the same content as the main display. Still, with MWC just around the corner this may or may not be exactly what the actual final phone might be like, except that they probably will be sharing the same design aesthetic with existing Samsung Galaxy devices.

We are currently in Barcelona to give you the latest coverage of MWC 2015. Stay tuned for the latest updates on Facebook and Twitter as we will be covering the major launches live.