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LG drops its G Pro line up and focuses on a single G flagship model


Samsung and LG have been fighting head on in both home ground South Korea and in international markets. For example, its LG G Pro phablet series competes directly against Samsung’s large screen Galaxy Note line up. Earlier this year, they had announced the LG G Pro 2, which is a great alternative to the Galaxy Note 3. Similarly, the LG G3 is their answer to Samsung’s Galaxy S5.

So is LG coming out with a new phablet to replace the G Pro 2? Looks like the answer is no.

According to a recent report, LG will be dropping its G Pro range and will put all efforts into their upcoming LG G4 flagship model. This is partly due to less than desirable sales compared to the Galaxy Note 3 which is more popular worldwide. Besides, its current LG G3 with its 5.5″ Quad HD display is quite big already and it doesn’t make sense for them to come out with a slightly bigger 5.7″ or 5.9″ phablet. Unlike Samsung, the G Pro series is merely a larger device and it doesn’t offer much differentiation like an S-Pen on the Galaxy Note series.

Considering the high-end market is getting more competitive, LG appears to be sticking to a 1 year 1 flagship approach which makes more sense. We reckon it is better to pack the best in a flagship which would last a full year instead of offering incremental updates almost every 6 months. Anyway, LG is still absent officially in Malaysia and hopefully they could make a come back in our local scene in 2015.

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