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iPad Air 2 gets torn down revealing a smaller battery. This is going to be a tough tablet to fix.


When it comes to dismantling latest gadgets, we can count on the folks at iFixit. This time they have their hands on the latest iPad Air 2 which appears to be more powerful than expected. Recently a couple of benchmarks have revealed that it runs on a 3-core processor that’s mated to 2GB of RAM.

So what else is new on the inside? With its thickness reduced down from 7.5mm to 6.1mm, the battery has shrunk from 8,827mAh in the 1st gen iPad Air to 7,340mAh on the latest model. Despite its smaller capacity, the new A8X chip appears to be more efficient as it manages to push its usual 10 hour battery life.

When announced, the iPad 2 Air doesn’t have the same Apple Pay feature as the iPhone 6 since NFC was lacking. Surprisingly the tear down revealed an NXP 65V10 NFC Module inside but it lacks an antenna which is required for it to work.

In terms of repairability, iFixit rates it just 2 out of 10. The iPad Air 2 like its predecessor uses a lot of glue to put its panels together, which makes it very risky to pry its front display open.

Check out the tear down video and step by step guide after the break.

iPad Air 2 Teardown