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OPPO introduces new VOOC mini rapid charger


OPPO is in the forefront of rapid smart phone charging with its VOOC Charging technology. While it is fast to charge, the VOOC charger that came with the Oppo Find 7 is quite bulky and the micro USB cable is fixed to the head unit.

Now OPPO has introduced a new VOOC mini charger which not only is smaller but it is also easier to pack thanks to its detachable cable. It is likely to debut with its upcoming OPPO N3 that’s launching on 29th October in Singapore. So far the specs of the VOOC mini charger is still unknown and it could be similar with its original VOOC charger that outputs up to 4.5Amps through its special 7 pin microUSB cable.

If you’re wondering how effective is the VOOC Charger, we had compared the charging times of the OPPO Find 7 versus a Galaxy S5, Sony Xperia Z2 and a Redmi Note. Check out the comparison video after the break.

At the moment, the VOOC Charger is still the fastest right now as it is able to charge up to 75% in just 30 minutes. As comparison, the latest Galaxy Note 4 does 50% in 30 minutes, while the Xiaomi Mi 4 rapid charger does 40% in 30 minutes.