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VIDEO: DiGi Store employees aggressive towards customer at IOI Mall Puchong


This happened a few days ago at a DiGi Store Express at IOI Mall. A customer had made payment at the centre a day before but his payment wasn’t reflected on their system. When he approached the staff the next day for a solution, all he got was further frustration.

As the camera started rolling, the situation starts to get ugly. The male staff appears to have started explaining about waiver and when he noticed that he’s being caught on video, he immediately snapped back why is he being recorded. This was followed by another female staff shouting back rudely “customer besar ke?”

The news along with the video had spread across social media during the long weekend holiday. Without wasting time, DiGi had reached out to the customer, promising a thorough investigation on the incident.

DiGi had also issued an official statement on its Facebook page, pressing that they have ZERO tolerance for mistreating its valued customers and an investigation is under way. Apparently the male staff no longer works at the said outlet.


The affected customer had also replied to DiGi, acknowledging the fast response from them. So far it isn’t known if his bill dispute has been rectified.

Customer Service isn’t an easy job but to be aggressive with customers is not acceptable. The payment dispute could have been managed better and it is unfortunate that it had turn out this way. Kudos to DiGi for taking swift action on the matter and hopefully the customer’s payment issue is resolved soon. Looking at how fast bad things go viral, everyone should be on their toes when it comes to front-line service. What do you guys think?

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