Is your iPhone 5 suffering poor battery life? Apple is offering free battery replacement


The iPhone 5 isn’t problem-free since day one. And if you’re facing problems with the battery, here’s a solution from Apple.

Now they had acknowledged an issue affecting a small number of iPhone 5 that suffers shorter battery life and as a result it requires more charging than usual. They added that this only affected selected units that were purchased between September 2012 and January 2013.

If you’re facing similar issues, you can check if you qualify by entering your serial number over here. The serial number can be obtained under Settings > General > About. The battery replacement program will commence in Malaysia beginning next Friday, 29th August 2014 and you can send your phone to your nearest Apple Authorised Service Providers which can be located here. It is advisable to perform a full back up using iTunes or iCloud and then perform a full data wipe before sending your device in.

This isn’t the first time Apple has offered a replacement program. A few months back, Apple had admitted an issue with the power/wake button for the iPhone 5 and had also offered free replacement as well.