Russian operator promotes 4G speeds by trolling users on Instagram


MTS is a Russian Telco which is actively pushing their 4G LTE connectivity. To promote its high speed service in the quickest way possible, they have worked together with a number of top Russian models and bloggers in what seems to be one of the quickest internet troll ever. They have gotten them to post a “special” picture with hot and suggestive hastags to pull in the crowd. The only thing though, is that the pictures never load.

Shortly after their followers are confused and wondering if it’s their internet connection, the models and bloggers posted a follow up video apologising for the slow “obstacale” which then revealed that it is an ad for MTS’s 4G LTE service. The campaign claimed to have reached out to 1.6 Million users which then extended to another 3 Million when the followers shared it on. Quite a clever way of using social as an advertising tool. Apart from this, MTS also has done an interesting Cinema campaign that demonstrates the speed of 4G with a movie ticket.

You can check out both videos after the break.

Thanks Tommy for the tip!