VIDEO: Voice over LTE delivers better voice quality and connects call faster

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On the telco front, mobile internet speeds have been the focal point in each mobile evolution with speeds reaching 300Mbps and beyond. Sadly there hasn’t been much improvement for traditional phone calls but all are expected to change with the upcoming VoLTE or better known as Voice over LTE. At the moment, voice calls are handled by 2G/3G networks while 4G is used primarily for data only.

With VoLTE, your traditional voice and video calls are handled like data across its faster 4G network. Considering we can stream high quality music over 4G, you can expect better audio quality when voice calls are delivered through LTE. Another obvious advantage is the speed of connecting a call which shown to be 2-3X faster on VoLTE than the typical mobile voice call service. Obviously this would work perfectly if the said 4G LTE coverage is wide enough and has consistent performance.

To demonstrate the benefits of VoLTE, NTT DoComo of Japan has released a couple of videos which shows improvement on audio quality, instant call connectivity as well as internet speeds while the call is in progress. Watch all of them after the break.


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