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KitKat tells you when to take a break on the Pebble Smart Watch


Nestle KitKat has just released its Smart Break app for the Pebble Smart Watch which reminds you when it is time to take a break. It tracks both physical activities via its built-in pedometer and time to determine when is your next break.

The app will show 4 bars, which is similar like its signature wafer chocolate while the current time is shown at the top. Once the 4 bars are filled, it will alert you to take a break. While we don’t recommend snacking on chocolate every now a then, it is a novel little idea to give yourself a refresher break to drink water or just to stretch out in the workplace.

The app is now available for Pebble smart watch running on its new 2.0 software. Just search for KitKat in the Pebble Appstore.