Nokia: The company is gone but the brand lives on

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Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s Mobile business will be completed on the 25th April. Under the new ownership, they have taken steps to rename the corporation from Nokia Oyj to Microsoft Mobile Oy. This marks the end of the Nokia name as a company. Nokia has sent out notices to suppliers of the name change and a new address that’s based in Espoo, Finland.

However that doesn’t mean that new Nokia handsets will cease to exist. The brand will continue to live on as part of the acquisition deal to use “Nokia” on current and subsequent devices. This however is limited to Series 30 and Series 40 models.

Whether or not Microsoft would drop the Nokia brand for its Windows Phone powered Lumia devices is still a question mark. Nokia as a brand ranks #57 in value and it is an established house hold name for phones. After spending billions with strong ambition to be a key smart phone maker, Microsoft is likely stamp their own brand on the latest Windows based devices.

To honour the 10-year licensing deal, the Nokia brand is expected to remain on their Nokia Asha, Nokia X and feature phone line up. What do you guys think? Should the next Lumia devices maintain the Nokia brand or would it be better for it to carry the Microsoft brand?

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5 Comments for Nokia: The company is gone but the brand lives on


Bye Bye Nokia welcome to Android. No more upgrade for my Window phone anymore.

Wiz View

Nokia is synonymous with phones. Microsoft mess with the name at its own peril.


Let it fade into the night, nobody will miss it and nobody care


Nokia Connecting Microsoft.


nokia is my best but must need to go ahead