Xiaomi to refresh current flagship with Mi3S. Comes with Newer processor and improved build quality


The affordable high performance Xiaomi Mi3 smart phone is getting a refreshed model very soon. The new smart phone rumoured as the Mi 3S is said to be better built with more metal. Underneath, it gets a newer 2.3GHz Snapdragon 801 processor mated to 3GB of RAM along with 4G LTE support. This puts it on the same level among the latest flagship smart phones today.

The rest of the specs appear to be unchanged with a Full HD 5″ IPS display and a main 13MP camera assisted with dual LED flash light. The pricing is rumoured to be 1,999 Yuan which is only RM1,040 when converted directly. With such specs and pricing, the Xiaomi Mi 3S will surely give more expensive smart phones like the Oppo Find 7a a run for its money.

Xiaomi is expected to set up shop in Malaysia soon after its recent presence in Singapore. So far they have launched 2 models there – Xiaomi Redmi and Xiaomi Mi3 which both were snapped out quickly under 10 minutes.