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Sample Photos & Video: Oppo N1

Oppo N1 Sample Photo & Video

The Oppo N1 is clearly a photography centric device designed for taking pictures in various scenarios with its rotatable camera. During today’s launch event, we’ve managed to take a couple of shots and a Full HD video recording with the Oppo N1.

From the sample shots, the camera appears to be rather decent but of course we could only evaluate better if given the chance to test it out in proper real life scenarios.

The 13MP sensor on the Oppo N1 was previously reported to be using MEMS camera from DigitalOptics. It claims to offer faster auto-focus response time up to 7 times quicker than conventional Voice Coil Motor based cameras. From our short experience, the Oppo N1 seems to be a rather snappy device and it just shoots without any hesitation.

Check out the Oppo N1 camera samples after the break.

Sample Oppo N1 Photos

Note: Click to view image in full size





Sample Oppo N1 Video

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out our first impression and hands-on with the Oppo N1 here.