Malaysia: The Most Affordable Internet in the World

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While Najib is proud of cheap kangkung the rest of you may be more interested to know that apparently Malaysia has the most affordable internet in the world (or at least among emerging and developing countries).

This may be harder to swallow than a bunch of uncooked water spinach to some but in the Affordability Report 2013, an independent study done by the Alliance for Affordable Internet, Malaysia tops the list among 46 emerging and developing countries including China, Brazil, Turkey and Hungary in terms of affordable internet.

Published on December 8, last year, the report presents an ‘Affordability Index’, which ranks nations across communications infrastructure and access and affordability indicators fundamental to achieving affordable Internet. The study also explores key barriers to affordable internet.

While many Malaysians lament that internet in Malaysia is still expensive compared to developed countries like Singapore and Korea, the study finds that Malaysia is on the right track noting that Government initiatives such as Public-Private Partnerships to expand broadband infrastructure and making basic internet access and equipment affordable for the low-income bracket through subsidies are bearing fruit. According to MCMC, four out of five Malaysians now have access to 3G.

This is a stark contrast to developing countries where people are living on less than US$2/day. In these countries, the report noted, entry-level broadband costs an average of 40% of monthly income and most cases basic internet exceeds 80% or 100%. As a result, billions cannot afford to get online, entrenching the digital divide and constraining economic and social progress.

Sonia Jorge, executive director of A4AI commented:

“Countries such as Malaysia, Brazil or Morocco, which top our Affordability Index, show how rapid progress can be made when innovative technologies are twinned with an enabling, forward-looking policy and regulatory environment which stimulates supply as well as demand. A4AI is committed to working hand-in-hand with countries to help drive down the cost of broadband.”

So what do you think? Feeling the good vibe? Internet in Malaysia may not be as cheap as some might like but it is certainly affordable and readily available compared to many countries even the developing ones. At the very least speeds have increased while prices have remained fairly constant and it’s certainly good that most local operators are not as restrictive with data quotas and usages as they can be. Let’s hope some things remain the same while other continue to improve

You can download the full report here.


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30 Comments for Malaysia: The Most Affordable Internet in the World




    Why bullshit? just take a look for mobile internet eg maxis u can get 48GB quota for RM158, US carrier t-mobile 10.5GB for RM232, maxis 8GB for RM68 but AT&T 6GB for RM132..that show how fast we from costly internet to affordable internet country..

      Otak Udang

      This what happens when you go to utim or Mara but did badly in A levels or STPM. You cannot convert the US prices into RM. Also, you fail to mention average people in the US earn US$8000 per month. Like that, convert lah and say, they earn RM24,000 per month

        Otak Udang

        sorry, US is not RM$8000 per month but RM$14,000 per month. This is much higher than Malaysians earn. So what they are paying compared to what they earn is small peanuts.…


        Tell that to ordinary US people..u will given middle finger by them…if US people said it costly who u to said it cheap..try post that on US technology website


    in the US telco charge u for wifi tethering ur mobile internet…here in malaysia u can tether as long or as much as u want…..we still not as cheap as Singapore but for sure we are heading there


      We are shame that we still got 1Mbps plan and maintain that EX price RM110 for at least 4 year. Singapore only got 6Mbps at SGD$29.9 ( RM77). No more 1Mbps pretty long time ago. And keep lower the price year by year. Singtel, starhub and M1. Why malaysia only TM. You know what I mean ( For home unlimited broadband)..


        Not a good example to compare Singapore when the land is so small and population is very dense. In Australia most plan has low GB and unlimited plan cost more than $100.

          oz beef

          Australian unlimited is AUD59 per month, check TPG website.

        Otak Udang

        Singapore is still cheaper because SGD29.9 is small peanuts change for the Singaporean. Here in Malaysia RM150 for 5MBps is big money to most Malaysians. Singapore GDP per capita is 5X that of Malaysians. the average Singaporean earns about RM20,000 per month.


          U forget that malaysia buy 3x cost

    Otak Udang

    yes bullshit. kzm is one of those monkeys who has never been overseas and seen anythin. this what happens when you go into university with just 3 D's or E's and 2 fail in sTPM

    In the UK, one can even get much higher speeds of more than 20 Mbps for less than 10 pounds per month. that is RM50. In Malaysia, its RM199.


      I don't get it why you always have to make condescending remarks. Just state your point and convince people. No need to put others down.


        Otak udang is losing the argument. Only way is out is to call people stupid which ironically is his own name.


          This! Owned! 🙂

          don't get drawn into trollers..


          Otak Udang is correct in his points and explanation. It is you guys who had lost the argument even before you started. Now I know why most MNC just roll their eyes looking at local graduates. They have zero comprehension skills. kzm and Brain (ironic) need to go back to kindergarten again.

          Why do we even need to be compared with China, Brazil or Morocco? We lost even to our neighbouring countries like Vietnam, Thailand or Indonesia when it comes to internet speed and value for money factor.


Now most of Penang island have maxis 4G coverage & speed between 10mb to 30mb.


We always complain everything in Malaysia is expensive but for mobile data, we are actually better than a lot of countries. We have more cheaper data plan and they are not as strict as others that charge extra for hotspot. Some don't even allow hotspot. 3G in Malaysia is actually but bad but can be better


    Not bad but can be better


We have cheaper KangKung too.


BUT… how about our fixed-line fiber Internet?
Is it still afford for paying RM150 just for 5Mbps?
For example, HK Telcom is providing 100Mbps for HKD188 ( RM80.56 )
How you guy think about it?


Didn't know BN also take tech website into her payroll. Thumbs down.


    Anything to do with increase or cheap must be government propaganda. Please don't make opposition look stupid TQ




I have been travelling around and living oversea like Middle East and Europe, now I have home in Bulgaria, maybe not many people know that Bulgaria is one of the poorest country in the E.U. My house is located the remote area, the village hardly see anyone around and everything is back to basic, but one thing i have to say either you guy believe it or not. my internet connection is 100Mbps and it only cost me 32.00 Bulgarian Leva which convert to ringgit is RM75.00 per month and unlimited.

Bulgarian do not earn high income, Malaysia have better lifestyle compare to Eastern Europe. People who been to Eastern Europe will agree with me, but when come to internet they can offer cheap and fast connection even via WIMAX, this is what i don't don't understand why internet in Malaysia is so expensive :(.

Malaysia Boleh

my area max speed tm can give only 1mbps…. shiiittt


Now now thats the problem with msian attitude especially the gov..always like to compare ownself with others who are way backward&worst off and not comparing with the best the world has..then only can syiok sendiri. *facepalm*


i am using 4mb broadband internet in just 21$ in Pakistan with 300GB cap limit for month. i am using 3G 50GB internet in just 0.06cent for 12hr with 5mb speed.

your packages so bad and expensive


50mb speed broadband in just 200$ with unlimited download for month in PAKISTAN.