Nokia Announces Lumia 625 for Malaysia. Its Most Affordable LTE Windows Phone

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The Nokia Lumia 625 will be available in Malaysia from next week. The 4.7-inch Windows Phone device features the largest display ever fitted on a Nokia Windows Phone. It also comes with LTE connectivity and at just RM940, the Lumia 625 is keenly priced. Nokia is saying that the Lumia 625 is the first affordable smartphone in its range to feature LTE but do you get what you’re paying for?

With a 4.7-inch LCD display, the Lumia 625 is considered average in a market dominated by Android phones with large displays sporting 720p or full 1080p resolution. And the display isn’t particularly sharp either. Pushing out a lowly 201ppi with a 800×480 resolution, the Lumia 625 has one of the lowest pixel densities we’ve seen on a smartphone in recent months. On the up side, the display sports Gorilla Glass 2 and can be used even when you’re using gloves.

Powering the Lumia 625 is a dual-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon S4 processor with 512MB RAM and 8GB internal storage. Usable memory can be increased with a microSD card slot that takes cards up to 64GB and there’s also 7GB of cloud storage courtesy of Microsoft via SkyDrive. Though, 7GB of cloud storage is small considering Samsung and HTC are offering 25GB of cloud storage for free. Other specs include LTE connectivity, a 5MP rear camera with 1080p video and a VGA front-facing camera along with Nokia’s Smart Camera app. Powering the device is a 2,000mAh battery.

The Lumia 625 has an exchangeable translucent rear shell that’s available in orange, yellow, green, white and black. Get full details on the Lumia 625 here.

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6 Comments for Nokia Announces Lumia 625 for Malaysia. Its Most Affordable LTE Windows Phone


I think this phone will be a dud because of the price, maybe the high price is because of the depreciating ringgit?
At this price range there are many capable Androids for the average consumer to choose from.


    I'm not so sure how capable will Android be at that price range. Android is a powerful device indeed, but one can only enjoy the fluidity and full powerhouse of Android without lag on the high end lines. So I doubt anyone can get the highend Android phones at that price range.
    Even GS 3 the quadCore phone tends to lag after a half year usage and still cost about 1299? So please tell me a RM 900++ android phones that can still perform fluidly after a couple month of usage? I really would like to know.
    But still it all depends on people consuming behavior, if someone likes to install all kinds of apps first hand, then sure, Android and iOS is pretty much the only way to go 🙂
    Windows Phone always late for the popular/HITS apps.


      ANDROID is a powerful "OS" indeed.


      Hmmm.., my wife's nexus 4 is not laggy after almost 1 year use.
      Don't get me wrong, I like the design and fluidty of WP8 (using a HTC 8X as second phone) with low end specs hardware.
      But I do think Nokia has to be aggressive at the low end ( like L520) because they are fighting from a severe disadvantag,e which is the OS's mediocre ecosystem. I love Nokia's phone ( tough as nails) and hate to see them go under to Samsung or Apple.


        Nexus breed eh? Guess the Nexus Breed phone is the best with less laggy issue. Samsung's the worst when it comes to Lagginess (over tweaking on the UI). While HTC One actually added in flavors with its Sense 5 (prior Sense 5 is worse than TouchWiz).
        Last time I was using Galaxy Nexus and the phone also don't have much lag issue thanks to it pure stock android build. I love Android too (in fact I was the first to adopt android with HTC Dream (T-Mobile G1) in my hometown), I really see how much it has advanced. really the true successor of Windows Mobile, which also inherited the issue of laggy when the phone is filled with clutter pile of data and that's when the whole experience drop. Sadly Google hasn't really settle this issue yet (iOS has the similar issue as well).
        Still I hope for the best of all platform to keep advancing, and after all it all benefits us all as consumers. 🙂


          Sorry, I should rephrase. Nexus 4 lag did not get worse after one year of usage but yeah you're right, Android is still not as smooth as IOS or WP8. My guess is running on top of that Java(Dalvik) VM is the main problem or trade off. You have the capability to run on different chip sets but then it will require more memory and processor power. Cheers.