The HTC One Has an Incredible Microphone

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It’s no secret the HTC One is our favourite Android smartphone at the moment. With a stellar battery performance, a build quality that makes the iPhone 5 looks low-rent, stereo front-facing speakers that produce crisp treble and rich bass, and a delicious display, there’s a lot to like about the One. As if that’s not enough, you can add “great microphone” on the list of pluses for the HTC One.

Check out the video comparing the microphone of the HTC One with the one on the Samsung Galaxy S III. Thanks to its dual-membrane construction the HTC One’s microphone efficiently filters sound from noise making it the perfect phone for concerts, clubs and similarly challenging environments.

Yes, we know the video is an old one and it’s not exactly fair to compare the Galaxy S III with the HTC One but it truth, the Galaxy S4 has, in almost every aspect, been a rather underwhelming phone next to the HTC.

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33 Comments for The HTC One Has an Incredible Microphone


Our or your? Iphone is low-rent? So biased and unprofessional.


    Lol…just saying that u mean bias n unpro?…i tot people said this website is sammycincau…yesterday maybe htcincau…lolol


      dunt ever say anything even remotely shitty about iphone or we ll get emo emo emoo!!!lolz


      At first I tot Soyacincau is android fanboy. I take back my words. I think Soyacincau is quite fair in their reporting lately.


        they still are, you rarely find any non-android article on this site.


      LOL.. htcincau now. haha


    I think its a fair assessment. I use a black iphone 5 and I think the HTC One currently IS the best looking design. Even the screen is marginally better.


    because if they compare to Samsung's phone, they have to say Samsung phones are dirt cheap and looks like china clone phone. this will hurt their boss and lost the pay


    I think you're the biased one. You probably own an iphone 5.


    "makes the iPhone look low-rent" is just a way for saying something, actually very professionally. It's how English is used by native speakers. It does not connote any negativity.

    For example: "Wow, his new car makes mine look like crap!" is a humorous use of the term.

    It is used comparatively and dispassionately.

    I commend SoyaCincau for their professional candor in ignoring such comments. These people simply and unfortunately do not grasp the language and therefore misunderstand a lot of things.

    Patience is key.


Aluminium that wear off out of box is high end !?


Lol copy nokia lumia 920 n 808 microphone…lumia 920 ftw!…


    Lol its not htc copy but STM who manufacture those microphone oso manufacture those microphone for nokia

      Rahman Sallehin

      Nokia provided the blueprint for STM to be produce by their factory since Nokia does not have its own cip making facility.
      But what STM did was selling those copyrighted-audio-chip-develope-by-Nokia to HTC without both HTC and Nokia aware about it.
      It is the same audio chip model available in Nokia Lumia 720. Thus, HTC One use the audio advantages by hype the marketing feature and made it look like it was original by HTC itself.
      But HTC only won from the audio.
      In terms of both Audio and Video, Nokia still on top.


y compare with s3 but not s4??

    FedUp Monkey

    cos the video is uploaded on 31/03/2013? Which GS4 is not officially released I guess?


where's s4?

    FedUp Monkey

    S4 hasn't released back then when this video was recorded.
    Referring to GSMArena, GS4 is officially released in April 2013, while the video is uploaded on 31/03/2013.
    Now do the math. Thanks.


      Nice.. thanks mate..


wow.. s3 sounds terrible..

    FedUp Monkey

    and S4 is no better as they are using the same microphone, or so I heard


      metallica concert is coming.. now grab your htc one 🙂

Gadget Wh0r3

"HTC One is truely the ONE!" Oracle told Morpheus.


    And then there is butterfly s…..zzzzz


R.I.P headphone user


Why not compare to the Nokia Lumia 920/925?

    FedUp Monkey

    although the input maybe the same or similar as they are using the same chip (despite the chip SHOULD be exclusive to NOKIA ONLY), the output results maybe better on HTC One thanks to its BOOM Sound.
    Can someone try this out?


      So, how about the image stabilization?

        FedUp Monkey

        Yeah, almost forgot that HTC One also has the OIS that Butterfly S doesn't.
        If my memory didn't fail me, HTC One OIS has some feature or one element less than Lumia 920 series, so resulting the OIS not performing as good as Lumia 920s.
        But I'm not quite sure how much difference is there though cos other than OIS, the camera technology approach of the 2 devices are completely different. So, I guess there is really no way to tell how much different of OIS result of the 2 devices.
        Perhaps there is anyone out there care to clarify how to measure please?


Worst to compare. If the technology belong to nokia.


As a tech site. It's really a shame for the writer not even mentioning the microphone used by HTC One is originated by Nokia. Besides, SMT is facing lawsuit from Nokia. The HDR microphone also disappears from spec sheet and is only entitled to use the remaining components.


    Yeah. Nokia is the king. They sell more Nokia 920 than HTC One.

      FedUp Monkey

      Really? Do you have sales figures on this claim?
      Well, +1 to Nokia 920 sales figures from me though…