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Celcom gets listed as 4G LTE supported carrier for iPhone 5

Posted:  June 16, 2013   By:    25 comments   


For those wanting to experience 4G LTE on the iPhone 5, Celcom has finally joined the bandwagon as it gets listed under Apple iPhone 5’s 4G LTE supported telco. This follows after Maxis’s commercial availability of 4G LTE on 1800MHz 2 months back. When Celcom announced commercial 4G LTE service, it was initially rolled out with a standalone wireless broadband service without any smart phone services.

A carrier software update is expected for iPhone 5 users on Celcom which allows users to enable LTE under Cellular Data settings. For more information on LTE availability, head over to Celcom’s 4G LTE coverage page.

Thanks @J18Way for the heads up!


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25 Comments for Celcom gets listed as 4G LTE supported carrier for iPhone 5


DiGi I'm waiting for you =(


    don't waste your time bro, if one day DiGi brings in LTE 4G, they also bringing in intermittent lost connection problem. Time to Change! xD

ST Tee

do we need to change the Nano SIM card to get this LTE?


    I doubt it as its a service feature that is already enabled on the phone that is just utilized by the telco's right? I'm not 100% sure but I suppose it should work since I've already experienced Celcom LTE on my iPhone while I was out yesterday

      ST Tee

      I changed my Nano SIM (LTE) and stillcan't detect LTE for my iphone 5… (I am in PJ area)


        same here in penang.. nothing yet for iphone 5


    Just update your carrier i guess


Celcom data service totally sucks . They will promote speed will be 7Mbs(more places) but actually 56Kbs(80% of time and place)also never achievable. When report they will give 1000 over reasons…. i just cancel their line…


    it seems ok for me though.. the worst speed i get is around 1Mbps.. but the speed is ok most of the time..


    I normally get 8mbps Down and 3mbps up on my iPhone 5 and 44mbps down and 30mbps up when using LTE.

    Yes sometimes my net drops and other times its slow but it's never below 3mbps down.

    I don't seem to be getting your problem


How the speed for celcom LTE?


    i've managed to get around 15-20Mbps on my ip5 and it depends on the location. yummy!


can I get the carrier update if using ios 7 beta 1?

    ST Tee

    the answer is NO


      Yup. Just downgrade to ios 6.1.4 and got update carrier popup.

FedUp Monkey

so what? We East Malaysian monkeys have to wait another 2 years to get LTE anyway… after all there are too jungles in East Malaysia so even the LTE cannot get their signals through the jungles to reach us monkeys~


    Don't use the word Monkey because…
    Is it inappropriate..

      FedUp Monkey

      why is it inappropriate? I thought humans are evolved from monkeys? And since West Malaysia is more advance than East, so they are evolved and we are like monkeys who live on trees in West Malaysians' eyes.
      We have to be grateful that they at least throw us some left over bananas when they done sharing the bananas there.
      Whenever there is a launching events with freebies, that's only West Malaysia exclusives.
      One example is Nokia Lumia 920 with free wireless charging plates & rebate vouchers, this promotion never comes to us Monkeys who live in East.


my iphone5 updated with LTE, got a lot of problems, can't make calls out in certain area, customer cannot reach on my phone5, if connected, also will cut off halfway talking. very bad iphone5. I heard my other friends using iphone5 also face the same problem recently, always shows no service, same problem. Celcom says need to change the sim card for 4G support, currently Celcom don't have the sim card yet, have to wait.


I call customer service they told might need to change SIM card for LTE trial and make LTE work for iPhone 5. Is it true?


I went to Singapore with iPhone 5, no single carrier allowed me to make/receive calls. Always showing NO SERVICE. Wireless worked flawlessly.

When back in Malaysia, everything is ok. Filed a complaint to Celcom saying account is active and they just have my account reset. Celcom staff also asked to go be at their shop, but I asked them anything I can't do remotely while needed to have the trouble to be at the shop?


    i am having a same problem while i went to singapore…
    isit because i am not using a LTE sim card? or can i just revert my carrier settings that without LTE?


How to revert iphone 5's Celcom LTE settings..? Accidentaly accepted the telco's update because got my hands full at that time. Regret regret regret.! Drain the battery like vampire sucking blood, summore the connection is intermittent. Anyone has any idea on how to revert back the settings.? Thanks..


3G is constantly switched on draining my battery fast after the update. Anyone know how to switch off 3G after the update since 3G buttom has vanished?