iPhone 5 and iPad Owners Rejoice as Maxis Becomes First Operator in Malaysia to Bring 1800MHz (Band 3) LTE

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When the availability of LTE networks was first announced in Malaysia early this year, iPhone and iPad owners wondered if their device could take advantage of the blazing speeds that the new network standard has to offer.

Back then, LTE in Malaysia was only available on one spectrum, the 2600MHz (band 7) spectrum, which is not compatible with the iPhone 5 and the new iPad. Early on, there were talks about repurposing the existing 1800MHz spectrum currently used for GSM to support LTE and while telcos confirmed that 1800MHz will eventually be used for LTE, both regulators and operators didn’t provide much information on when and how it will happen.

As it turns out, the 1800MHz refarming is happening and Maxis is quick to stake its claim as the first operator in Malaysia to make band 3 LTE available to Malaysians.

So what does this mean to you? Well, if you’re an iPhone 5, iPad (fourth generation) or iPad mini user, it means that you can now jump on board the LTE bandwagon (where coverage is available and only if you’re a Maxis subscriber at the moment). Congratulations. This also means that future iPhones and iPads will support Malaysia’s LTE network.

For you to access the Maxis LTE on your iPhone 5 or compatible iPad, you’ll need to run the latest carrier settings update. There should be a notification about this update on your device already. If you have not received the update notification yet, just run a manual update check — Go to Settings > General > About. The update should be available then.

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Maxis say that subscribers who subscribe to data plans with a data quota of 1GB and above are able to jump on LTE automatically. Those with data plans with data quota lower than 1GB will have to upgrade to enjoy Maxis LTE speeds. Why is this? Maxis say that because of the super fast speeds on LTE (between 10 to 30Mbps), you’ll have the tendency to use up your data quota faster hence the need to upgrade to a higher data quota plan.

What about if you’re on other operators? Well, it depends on when these operators want to launch their LTE service and if they have the 1800MHz spectrum to use in the first place. So if you’re on Celcom and DiGi, there is a possibility that band 3 LTE will be available for you. P1 4G or Yes 4G on the other hand may not be able to offer band 3.

On a side note: Wondering when Celcom will launch their LTE plans.

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11 Comments for iPhone 5 and iPad Owners Rejoice as Maxis Becomes First Operator in Malaysia to Bring 1800MHz (Band 3) LTE


Soyacincau sound like not happy because Apple device all can support LTE in Malaysia.


    you noticed?this site prefer android.like the benchmark thing.lost my respect.long time ago this use to be neutral and review everything.i guess monet makes the world go round.(if you know what i mean)


      Same here. So unfair for them to post about Apple and yet I keep coming here to read.


        Yup, i remember once i posted a reply regarding lack of coverage for iphone 4s, but my post was deleted out of no where..


          tiny development in droid n soyacincau will post a big hoohaa here. lol..

          time to move to other forum maybe?


      how many brand using IOS? how many brand using AndroidOS?….for sure Android coverage is more since there is at least 10 high end devices in the market


        When there is post about Apple they bash. Don't post also bash. These Apple fanbois are one confused lot! Hahaha


Agreed. You should look at some articles poking fun at BlackBerry. Enough! Better go Tech Attack.

ppl using TNI 3

questions: meaning 3rd gen ipad will be forgotten? @[email protected]


    The iPad (3rd Gen) Wifi + Cellular was made to work with the 700MHz Band (specifically for Verizon in the US) So it will not work on this new LTE Band 3 (1800 MHz) that SC is referring to in this post.


      Sorry forgot to mention the 2100 LTE Band (for AT&T) Malaysia only has 2600MHz and 1800MHz, so sadly, it will not work :<