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Sony Xperia Z Epic Burst Mode – Over 1,000 Shots and Still Going

UPDATE: Updated on Xperia Z burst mode speed options and photo resolution.

We saw a video on YouTube showing the Xperia Z shooting well over 1,000 shots in burst mode. Taking inspiration from that video, we put our own review Xperia Z to the test and the video you see here is the result.

Just like the video we saw, our Xperia Z just kept on going even after the burst mode counter stopped at “999+” the device was still shooting away with the camera shutter button held for two minutes. But while the Xperia Z has a 13MP camera, the device can only do burst mode at a maximum resolution of 1280×720 (which is just under 1MP) for “High” speed. There are lower speed options of “Middle” (3920×2204- about 9MP) and “Low” (1920×1080 – 2MP) as well. Surprisingly Middle has the highest resolution of all.

Having pointed that out, over 1,000 shots is still an amazing feat for a smartphone any which way you look at it.