All Your Questions Answered: Sony Xperia Z

Posted:  February 8, 2013   By:    50 comments   


The Sony Xperia Z is expected to arrive here next month but we’re lucky enough to get our hands on one ahead of launch. To recap, the Sony Xperia Z is their latest flagship model spotting a high density 5″ Full HD display, a quad-core 1.5GHz processor, 13MP Camera and a slim yet water/dust resistant body.

While waiting for a hands-on review, feel free to drop us any question or anything you would like to know about the Xperia Z. Alternatively you can tweet to us at @soya_cincau. We will try to best to answer them as soon as possible.

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50 Comments for All Your Questions Answered: Sony Xperia Z

Mohamed Ali

Expected retail price in Malaysia?


    And hope it's not too expensive


    So far no details on this yet. It is expected to be revealed during its 6th March event


Reliability of the power/wake up button?
Feel of thickness in hand.
The camera is really that good? I mean output the photo and view at PC.


    The power/wake button wasn't up to our initial expectation. It works well but we wished that it has a little more depth when pressed. The thickness is pretty ok and gives an impression that it is a smaller phone.

    Look out for sample photos coming real soon.

geeky girl

speed and battery performance review pls!


which one is better? nexus 4 or xperia z?
how about photo camera quality compared to motorola razr?
i think motorola camera is worse..


battery life and durability of glass cover


Is the display good? I mean like black levels, outdoor visibility and viewing angles…
Is the camera goo in taking photos in low-light
Is the device slippery
Does it lag


    In terms of display, initially it appears to be washed out compared to the HTC Butterfly. The "Adapt to lighting conditions" setting in the display seems to be a culprit where brightness seems to be suppressed. With that disabled, images turn out better but we still feel that Butterfly's display still has an edge over it.

    Look out for the review coming soon.


camera performance?
battery life?
Surf, download, upload speed?


How about the accesories given?


Compability with Sony Smartwatch.
Walkman application as good as Beats Audio?
Is the attached earphones good?
Battery Stamina.
Dragontail glass as strong as Corning?
Is the edges rough enough to be hold with one hand?


does it support 3g video call?


    Nope it doesn't.


    is there any event tomorrow for releasing the phone?


Comparison of its 13MP camera with 8MP camera that found in most of the smartphone


    Look out for that, coming soon. 🙂


Does it come with a dock bundle together in the box? How much is the price? N most importantly is it really the sony logo is printed on the shatter sheet instead of within the glass?


What's in the box? How much is the recommended retail price?


please tell about the screen , i watch alot of video and the screen look so wash out !


Any free headphones for early adopters?


please also compare the display quality with Samsung and Nokia Lumia.
in terms of picture's sharpness, brightness, colour spectrum & contrast.
I wonder how great is their so call "True Screen intelligence – Mobile BRAVIA® Engine 2"


hows the performance? any stuttering or lagginess? and does the battery saving app make any difference in battery life?


how hot does it gets? when normal phone calling and when playing games for 10 mins in outside weather? thanks.


How's the speaker compared to xperia tx?


I am so interested with this phone then i google it and basically i got all the information i need, but when it come to i YouTube it, i found a video of comparison of display quality with few picture between xperia Z and s3, turns up s3 have the better colour display, please compare it with Samsung device and other full hd display phone. Thanks so much. 🙂


Is this unit a lte global version or the hspa+ global version?


Hi, can I get screenshots of the Xperia Z's performance on CF-Bench, Antutu, and Linpack? Do email the results to me if possible. Thanks guys!


When will it arrive in Malaysia?


is the 3 soft buttons show on screen able to close/hide?


hope u guys will answer all of our questions soon.


When will it be available in Malaysia?
Will it come with a charging dock to Malaysia?
And, how about its price in Malaysia?
Lte/4G or just hspa?


how bout SOD bug that happen to Xperia V ? adakah terjadi kepada Xperia Z juga?


Can I still take pictures using smile detection under water ? How about a drop test? And I got quite some negative comments on the camera in phonearena. Is it true? Battery performance ? And the microphone quality.


Your review are very slow…


    because SoyaCincau busy on reviewing HTC One. No time for Xperia Z


drop test please


    waktu saya pakai xperia S, 9x terjatuh atas lantai dan tar jalan, 3x terbaling, self mistake, x grip phone tu betul2, boleh tahan la juga dan puas hati dari segi fizikal dia,

    mungkin xperia z mesti lagi tahan dan mantap berbanding s dan v,


      sya rasa pun sma macam tu..
      sya pun xperia S user.. hehe
      planed untuk beli xperia z


does it support Skype or Tango ?


in the end, non of our questions were answered. lol


try use the burst mode and front camera by the quick launch menu(from lock screen), coz i saw a ppl said it is bugged…
why ur hands on review so slow? make it faster pls, thx


is there any event tomorrow for releasing xperia z ?


tday is 6th of march, any news about xperia z?pricing and release date?event?

65k Modem

Can you please list the downside of this phone? I'm thinking of getting one, but after reading the comments on Sony ion's review, I'm kinda scared. "No more Sony for me." But I really like Sony branded stuff…


when will samsung galaxy s4 that with 1.9 quad core be arrived in malaysia?


Xperia Z and S have many problems. i am a user of both of the phone. Xperia S : Frequently black screen, automatically switch off for no reason.
Xperia Z poor camera compare to samsung galaxy s3, poor graphic, unreasonable price( over-priced), poor performance and speed if compare with s3.


XperiaZ cons: the loud speaker has a very poor sound quality, getting hot very fast, i give it 3 out of 5 i term of it function, lousy camera, poor phone graphic with angle problem,
Pros: Nice design compare to Samsung phone or any others phone. Samsung phones has many unnecessary curve.


which one is better?? xperia Z oe lenovo K900???