DiGi offers Nexus 4 from RM499 with DG Smart Special


DiGi now offers yet another bundling option for the Nexus 4 which can be yours for only RM499. The customised DG Smart Special Plan consists of 3GB of mobile internet data (SmartPlan 68) and RM80 of talktime for voice and SMS. As you would expect, the plan is tied with a 24 months contract duration.

In its previous Smart Plan offering, the monthly subscription includes only mobile internet data while any calls and SMS are charged separately. For those that make a lot of calls and SMS each month, this could be the plan for you. If you are a DiGi subscriber for 12 months, the RM1,000 advance payment is waived.

Alternatively, the Samsung Galaxy Note II is also being offered as well on the same plan at RM999.

For more information, head over to DiGi’s promo page.