Apple Store CNY 1-Day Red Friday Offers

Posted:  January 25, 2013   By:    20 comments   


If you have being waiting for the right time to buy Apple products, today is your lucky day. Similar to last year‘s CNY promotion, Apple is throwing yet another Red Friday promotion on their online store where they give additional discounts on selected Apple products.

Check out some of the key promo items below:

iPad with Retina Display – from RM1,378 (Save RM121-RM181)
iPad 2 – RM1,078 (Save RM121)
iPod Touch 5th Gen – from RM938 (Save RM111-141)
iPod Touch 4th Gen – from RM628 (Save RM71)
iPod Nano – RM488 (Save RM41)
MacBook Air – from RM2,788 (Save RM311)
MacBook Pro – from RM3,388 (Save RM311)
MacBook Pro with Retina Display – from RM4,988 (Save RM311)

Apart from these devices, they also offer discounts on Apple accessories such as Wireless Keyboard, Trackpad, Mouse and covers. If you’re hoping for extra discounts on the iPhone 5 and iPad mini, unfortunately they are not on offer.

For more information, head over to Apple Store’s CNY Promo page.

Remember, this promo is only valid today, 25th January 2013.

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20 Comments for Apple Store CNY 1-Day Red Friday Offers


Just bought iPad 4 yesterday 🙁


Pathetic CNY offers…


I should say it's a clear stock sales

lol !

ipad , like the iphone is so yesterday (wait for ipad 6 and iphone 6 to see what happens)

google / android / samsung / htc are now so in flavor and flying sky high. Their range and breadth is incredible


    cant denied about that XD


    Of course you say like that la… because you like the combo google-samsung etc. Flying sky high because you want to see it that way, but it is not neccessarily true.



For smartphone, you can say so but for tablet, you go and buy an Android tablet and come back after you try it. Android tablets are nothing but rubbish. Nexus10 screen resolution and A15 is awesome but gpu too weak to power it and no apps optimised for its resolution.

You can force install iphone apps on ipad but for Android, it is most likely incompatible which means please buy your apps again.


    Android apps no need force or will auto scale perfectly fullscreen without pixelated brick like u force iphone apps on ipad.
    android apps doesnt differentiate between phone n tab like iOS did where u need to buy iphone version n ipad version.
    just buy once,u can install on tab,phone as many devices u have,not limited to 5 only.

      GG Lim

      cuz android apps mostly are junk like rubbish. no quality and user interface is suck that in ios. this is fact. android apps for tablet mostly not optimise for it and it is like a magnified android phone apps. idiot. some people buying for experience that can last long. u can install iphone app for ipad also but most of those apps already did their ipad version and android is like idiotic hardware garbage put in the warehouse. i dare the android tablets maker show their sales figure.


        Mean while apple share now is USD440 compare to last 2mth at usd700.face the fact that iOS is for idiotic ifags worshipping…….


          What?! so you think Apple is screwed because their share price is down to the 52wk low? Share price can be so easily manipulated by clueless analysts nowadays. Amazon is short 45m off of analyst expectation, but their share price is up almost 10%… go figure

          Apple's last quarter sales is their best quarter ever in the history of the company and the best quarter ever for any tech companies in the world… and you said Apple is screwed. Sure you would say that if your world is only SoyaCincau & Low Yatt Plaza. 😉

    lol !

    I use a Tab 7.7 & it is not rubbish ! Fantastic battery life , great screen. The ICS (current os, android 4.0) never fail me. Great 3mp camera and it is a phone too.
    I heard it will be updated to jelly bean 4.1 soon

    Android is flexible, with many free apps


      in fact, tab 7.7 is better than ipad mini


        u idiot, u got use 7.7 b4? it is laggy till gila.. u poor and never use the dont comment


          You must be using the Tab 7.7 using the ancient android 3.2 Honeycomb .
          No wonder laggy till gila then become biggest idiot !

          Go lah update to android 4.0 (ics), then we talk


          Lag? How kesian u are. Mine smooth gila. Get 4.0.4 first.


          UI smoothness on Android still feels artificial (even on SIII updated to the latest OS), but it's getting better compared to the original Tab, but… still laggy if you compared to the other OS… uknowwhatimean…


    Well in terms of price I rather stay away from apple products..did u forget that apple CeO Steve trying to prove even their product using low spec phone but guarantee giving satisfaction ?…duh nuff said..actually in terms of technology performance is priority then quality.


      Well, what are u trying to say actually? Apple product normally gives out more performance per unit for whatever spec you're trying to compare it to… core, ram, battery watt, etc. and the quality is excellence, if not uncomparable.

      Let say your company sell octo-core product that gives out the same level of performance as a dual-core product by another company, does it mean you have a better product? just because it uses more cores, or higher specs that only look good in marketing, but don't translate well in real world performance.

      If so, don't expect me to be your customer, ever.


I just bought my Snow Leopard DVD via on call order. TQVM Apple STore for the CNY Promotion.. =)