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VIDEO: Sony Xperia Z Hands-On

We managed to get a hands-on of the new Sony Xperia Z from its Singapore event recently. From the short period of time we have, we are overall impressed with the new device. Firstly the build quality of the Xperia Z is rather impressive and is probably one of the best we’ve seen for a phone.

In our short hands-on experience with the device, the screen refresh rate is impressive but colours and blacks tends to be washed out. It appears that there’s some issues with contrast but probably Sony would have refine these imperfections once it is commercially available. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to get any sample photos due to limited time and less than ideal lighting conditions.

In other news, Sony Malaysia has confirmed that the Xperia ZL which was left out from the initial availability announcement will be coming to Malaysia after all. So for those who are wiling to sacrifice water/dust resistance for a smaller dimensions, the Xperia ZL would be your option.

Head after the break for the Xperia Z’s sample HDR Video taken in low light condition.