Celcom Gets Ready to Launch LTE

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Information made available to us has revealed that Celcom is very close to launching its LTE network and it likely to happen this week. Supporting this information is the LTE experiential booth that Celcom has setup at its headquarters in KL. Customers wanting to know more about Celcom’s LTE network can visit Menara Celcom to try out the service themselves.

Like Maxis, we expect Celcom to have its LTE service available in a few key market areas and gradually expand coverage and subscriber momentum builds up. Also, we don’t expect Celcom to offer LTE smartphones in its initial launch however there are three phones in the market right now that supports the 2600Mhz LTE standard in Malaysia – ASUS PadFone 2, Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 – but it remains to be seen if Celcom (and Maxis) have provisioned its network to allow these devices to surf on LTE data.

We’ll be on hand to try our Celcom’s network when it is available, stay tuned for updates on plans and pricing. And finally, no, the iPhone 5 will not work on Malaysia’s LTE network. Hope this clears any confusion.

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20 Comments for Celcom Gets Ready to Launch LTE

keju manis

No LTE on iPhone 5??

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! (Darth Vader screams.jpeg)

p/s – I don't own an iPhone but feel like doing a community service for those who just bought its 😛


    thats how a droidfag comment.

      Ryan G

      Smells like a rotten apple !


    That is NORMAL


what is the special about this LTE?


    friend, please do research first become ask what is LTE. COME ON LA!


    it's just super fast. lol. i tried it in the US(here now on hols) using AT&T and boy. even my wifi will be put to shame. haha


    I tried it there at Celcom. It is fast. I wwould as fast, if not faster than unifI 5mb.


Sad that iPhone5 won't be supported on main band which is 2600mhz but seems like Samsung Note 2 LTE (N7105) is supported.

Hopefully our second/supplement band will support iPhone5.


WIth LTE service telcos should upgrade their data plans to include higher quota. What is the point of superfast download which can stream video if your data plan is capped at 1GB a month? Use it for web browsing and you won't know the difference.


    agreed. no point if we use lte but still capped 1gb. what i hope if celcom can follow unifi where till now they still uncapped fup. haha..
    btw, it would b great if celcom launch it with compatible device like lumia 920 or padfone2.


      Singapore telco had downgrade their data plan to all their subscribers from 12gb to 2gb. I think malaysia telco will stick to the plan.


Try LTE in singapore. Speed wise is around 20-40mbps. Coverage downtown area (bueno vista to bugis) on the train . Yes iphone 5 not supported but my samsung note 2 do the job amazingly.


    I didn't even understand why Malaysia market note2 n7100 instead of n7105 lte when lte is coming. I was lucky enough to research on note 2 and Malaysia lte before deciding to buy n7105 LTE from Singapore and its backward compatible with 3G.

    Is this a marketing strategy to make u buy new phone when u r already on note2 contract? Same goes for iPhone 5, ipad 4 and ipad mini but can't blame apple entirely on this.


what about the malaysian model ipad4..will it support maxis/celcom LTE network?


Will the lte data plann be more expensive than current 3g plan?
If it is then i2 dun mind sticking with nexus 4


i wonder, will the provide LTE with different bandwith that are supported by other smartphone such as iphone 5?

Or is it fix at 2600 MHz?


dah bulan berapa ni… masih tak lacar lagi Celcom LTE…. Sembang arrr


18 April ni launch LTE. Tapi taktau la samada diorang launch sekali utk band 3 (1800Mhz) since MCMC dah bagi approval kat diorang. Wait and see k..


I heard news that Celcom is finally revealing their Usain Bolt campaign on Monday 22Apr. And apparently they are gonna throw out some freebies or special offer. Finally LTE on my phone, cannot wait.