Nexus 4 Arriving in Malaysia in Time for Christmas

Posted:  November 19, 2012   By:    30 comments   

There is much anticipation among Android users for the latest and greatest Nexus smartphone — the Nexus 4.

Featuring Android’s latest 4.2 Jelly Bean OS, a Gorilla Glass 2 4.7-inch 1280×768 pixels (320 ppi) IPS display, a 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, 2GB of RAM and built-in wireless charging capabilities, the Nexus 4 made its public debut in late October this year. Since then we were all left guessing as to when the device will come to Malaysia.

While we earlier expected the latest Nexus smartphone to be available here next year, it looks like LG has other plans for Malaysia and if these plans are set in stone the Nexus 4 could be here in time to celebrate Christmas with us.

The Nexus 4 made headlines when it was first announced thanks to is very attractive pricing with the 8GB version retailing for US$299 (about RM915) and the 16GB version selling for US$349 (about RM1068) outright. But before you jump for joy, it’s worth noting that there has been issues with the Nexus 4 retail price in countries where the device is purchased from dealers rather than from the Google Play store. In markets where the Nexus 4 is sold via retailers — like it will be in Malaysia — LG has increased the RRP of the device substantially.

Closer to home, you can expect the Nexus 4 to sell for around RM2k. The Nexus 4 could be LG’s ticket to gain much needed traction and awareness in this market and LG would be smart to price the device competitively against the likes of the Galaxy S III and the One X+. If they get it right, the Nexus 4 will put LG prominently on the radar of consumers who previously wouldn’t consider the brand at all.

If the Nexus 4 isn’t your cup of tea, the similar spec LG Optimus G is also expected to arrive in Malaysia in December.


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30 Comments for Nexus 4 Arriving in Malaysia in Time for Christmas


oh,come just a worth1068..just increase a few hundred not a thousand..


    LG RRP is USD499,…bout RM15++. let hope LG malaysia stick to USD499


RM2k for Nexus 4? This is too much.


Those Gplay units are Google subsidized. By seeing how OptimusVu is priced officially here, expect N4 to be priced similarly around 1899


    It's not subsidized, it's just sold as COST


Nahhh guys dont be stupid buying this device. it worth US$299 (about RM915) and have to buy for near to RM2K at Malaysia? not a good deal guys.. if we live at US and buy through at google play and yeahh it kinnda worth it but if from retailer at Mlaysia then its not, even if its RM 1.5K. better looks at other high end phones with reasonable price tag that other foreign user can get. just saying.


That the problem when a new gadget arrive to Malaysia…the price extremely more more higher that outside market


    not really….look at how much an unlock S3 price at USA..US7++




    nah i'd rather suck your Q


why LG why?


The only way LG to earn money from buyers…ship to Malaysia and sell it to us…


if 2k then I definitely not buy…better get S III which I think now can get it around 1.7k?


rm2k? might as well go for galaxy note 2 then. Please mark up a reasonable price even putting it around RM 1400 is still not reasonable enough.


ini berita yg tinja dari LG. everyone know it cost 345 usd for 16g from playstore. if they price it beyond rm1.5k in Malaysia, i think not many will consider buying it since it's already >rm400 fro the direct conversion price.


how about Nexus 10? Any news when will it be available in M'sia?

Hugo Chong

Using a Nexus S now, so considering my next phone either Gnexus or Nexus 4. Galaxy Nexus now selling at RM1048/1099. Waiting LG launch then decide …. ^^
The good about using a nexus phone is update just fast, not like other manufacturer.


But when it comes to malaysia. Where will i buy this phone??? The LG shop in klcc no longer sells any phones… Any ideas?


Other peoples / (locations) can get it for only USD299. and we have to pay for more than 50% mark-up price are rubbish.

John Ong

LG, I want this. This is beautiful.
I’ve always prefer the more real IPS screen to AMOLED.
And the phone looks great. LG has always know how to make simple beautiful.

But consider this. The Galaxy S3 may be ‘old’ phone by now but is still capable of holding its own against even the Optimus G at every level. And S-Beam means I may share bigger pictures and videos with many of my friends who already owned an S3. Split screen interface is coming, unique to Samsung and actually very functional. And is anyone of us doubting that Samsung will inevitably drop the price a little both for the Christmas season and to counter the Nexus 4’s arrival? Oh, and yeah, the sixth Apple phone called the iPhone 5 is on the way too.

The Nexus 4 has so much going for it, and so much against it. This phone may have generated more interests than all other LG phones combined in the past one year. The country is already filled with people who own an S3 and their friends. Who want one. Price this right and LG may make record sales in their first 2 months. Price it wrong, and they may decide to reduce the price drastically 2 months later, only to find that we are already ogling at the S4 that just leak in the internet. Your call, LG. This is your best chance to put an LG branded phone into everyone else’s' hand. Don’t blow it.


    well said. +1juta


hopefully LG people were reading it and well said john


wah!! OMG!!!
RM1k device sell for RM2k??? Treat us as water fish ar!!!


why people keep comparing the nexus 4 with the google Play store price? we all know that was a knock off price for google.. period.

be realistic, compare with the normal retails, it is around usd499 (8gb) and usd599(16gb)…. so even if we get it at 2k(dont even know is 8gb/16gb). it is just few hundred different… but you got 100% guarantee and no need to ship all the way from US…

I think there are no different… the matter is you like it or not… period

    Fair pricing

    You must be one big water fish, it's a nexus so we pay nexus price… Lol Rm2k you have it all, but the rest oall alone

    Ashri Yusof

    hello bro, please be realistic to urself before asking others to be realistic….. 499 and 599 are prices from scalpers selling at websites like Ebay or Amazon….. not ur dreamland "normal retails"……


2k??? considering flagships like S3 and One X are way below 2k now, if N4 selling for 2k, LG is digging its own grave.

LG already having bad sales locally, so better dont pandai2 put high price for Nexus product, like what Asus did for the tablet.

if really 2k, might as well get a Lumia 920, or top up a lil' bit for GN2.

denon gm

s3 is now hovering below rm1700 (check low price king such as directd and satu gadget dot com). nexus 4 might be having a faster processor, latest Android version and double the amount of ram, but other than that, s3 is superior. the amoled is sharper and better contrast, and has expandable memory. if lg set the price at RM1200-1400, then its perfect. considering something outdated like s2 is around 1200 too for now.


2k? better get an iphone5 coz the price only increase few hundred myr.


That's problem with aseans. LG device price should cheaper in Asea than in USA. But we aseans always not united for greedy mentality and money minded and cheat our own people. We should be proud that LG in south korea and we are getting devices with lesser price. LG please don't be so much greedy. You have to understand the mood of the customer. If customers get one bad impression that you are cheating on price and taking advantage of the situation, people wont buy your other products also. Nexus 4 if people don't get from you , may be a little difficult for time being to get from outside. But people will always remember this. So its time for you to wake up and be honest with asean customers and put an equivalent price like google playstore. Once playstore comes to malaysia, this type of problems wont be there anymore. So don't take advantage of the situation and fix an equivalent price like RM1000-RM1200 in malaysia and other Asean countries. All said please take it sportly and take right decision. With price more than 1300RM , definitely I wont buy it. I will go for others like samsung even if i put a little extra price. Because I never used a LG phone before and I dont know about. Thanks at last