Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Previewed on Galaxy S II

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Here’s another reason why you should still hang on to your Galaxy S II. Even though the device first made its debut two years ago last year, the once cutting-edge Galaxy S II will get one of Android’s latest OS, the Jelly Bean 4.1.2 and all of its delicious awesomeness including Project Butter to improve graphics performance, a new and improved TouchWiz UI, Direct Call, AllShare Play, improved notification bar, Google Now, S-Cloud and — wait for it — Pop Up Play!

And it looks like the update is coming soon, if this leaked preview version is anything to go by. The best part is, if you’re familiar with rooting, you get this test firmware running on your Galaxy S II in a jiff. If you’re not a regular rooter but would still like to give the 4.1.2 version a go, we wouldn’t stop you but we would caution that there be perils in your journey, so be absolutely sure that you know the risks involve. Also, with any unfinished firmware, be ready to encounter bugs. Some could be minor while other could be as nasty as hell, so just be prepared for the worst and as always, backup your device.

Having said that, users already on the leaked firmware say that it is pretty stable and good enough for daily use — that’s encouraging. Also, rooting is not that difficult actually once you get the hang of it. It is actually one of the joys of owning and Android device. You should try it at least once (disclaimer: we are in no way responsible if while attempting to root, you loose your data or brick your device, so please be very careful ok.)

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Get the ROM here. Enjoy.


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14 Comments for Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Previewed on Galaxy S II


Android latest OS is 4.2 Jellybean…


Sigh, and then another 6 months after i9100 for i9100G users to get them.


The question is……


CM10 kgo.


    Sadly, CM10 can't use allshare and the video codec is not supported by DLNA enabled TV. furthermore, no 3g/Native video call is supported.


this device was debut on last year 2011, not last 2 year


    Updated. Thanks for the correction.


Leak ni hanya untuk i9100 je. Bila la untuk i9100g. Berkobar baca tajuk, rupanya bukan untuk i9100g.



I would like to know the price range of Samsung Galaxy S2 & Galaxy Note (the first edition) in Malaysia. I believe the prices dropped..

You might be asking.. "Why is this guy looking for an older smartphone?" — Well, I really like S2, compared to S3. Gingerbread is no big deal, as I can always upgrade to Jelly Bean or install a custom ROM.

Kindly advice.



how to know and get the installer jelly bean for s2.
can u give the link.


I like the original gingerbread. The bundle apps like the messenger helps to combine YM and other IM easily without another apps. I wonder why they drop that kind of features. I wonder why people want the latest os, it make no big different in life.