BlackBerry 10 set to launch on 30th January 2013

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BlackBerry 10

For those waiting for the next best thing from BlackBerry, mark your calendars on 30th January. RIM will launching its BlackBerry 10 line up in multiple countries simultaneously in 2 and half months time. 2 new BlackBerry 10 phones are expected to be announced during the event which likely to be a full touchscreen device and a QWERTY keyboard version. So far RIM hasn’t released the list of countries participating in the global launch.

RIM and its BlackBerry OS needs a new revamp and so far what BlackBerry 10 sets to bring forth looks rather promising. Hopefully this would make BlackBerry a desirable platform once again.


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3 Comments for BlackBerry 10 set to launch on 30th January 2013


Provided that the world still exists after 21/12/2011

    Working Adult

    I guess we all know it still does by now 🙂


      oh crap… typo 2012


    Dont worry guys the world will not end in 2012… I found a can of corn that will expire 2014…