Budget 2013: RM200 off smart phone purchase for youths

Posted:  September 29, 2012   By:    17 comments   

Smart Phone Budget 2013 Rebate

UPDATE: Cabinet lifts RM500 price cap for Smart Phone rebate program. Read on for more.

During the Budget 2013 announcement yesterday, one of the mobile phones related highlight is the RM200 off rebate for smart phone purchase by youths aged 21 to 30 years old with an income of RM3,000 and below. This will enable more youths to stay connected on the go with currently 22% of the population is said to be smart phone users. The rebate is set to benefit 1.5 million Malaysian youths which will cost about RM300 million next year.

The mechanics of such rebate is not clear but it is said to be eligible through an authorised dealer with the Youth Communication Package. While going through authorised dealer with a possible contracted plan is seen as fraud prevention, we hope it is not tied to a single provider and a limited choice of handsets. Youths should be given the freedom to choose their desired model and telco.


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17 Comments for Budget 2013: RM200 off smart phone purchase for youths


Just like Budget 2011… if im not mistaken, there will be less 30% taxes reduced. still the price went high!! this bugdet on smartphone things wont happens.. just a gimik!!


smartphone is not a must need item. the price is also expensive.i will buy smartphone if there is rm300 price. i will get it only rm100.


Really what's the point to give rm200 using tax payer money for phone and increase the sugar price!! Bakery will increase, coffee shop will increase their price per glass by then!!


I rather they give the computer tax relief of RM3000 every year instead of just every 3 years. 3 Years computer already out dated. Smart phone is just a toy compared to a computer or tablet which can be used for learning.

oren jus

tuh bajet tarik undi pemuda-pemudi….duh….bajet paling lawak.


Tq God n Malaysia GOV.. 🙂


bila benda tu mula berkuatkuasa??
jan 2013 ke??


better make broadband price cheaper and more accessible than giving smartphone subsidy!


stupid gomen thinks smartphone buyers are all idiots


Why the government have to subsidised handphone. Cannot afford just buy a cheap android phone.


I want iphone 5..expensive,but kalau dapat krg 200 tuh ok gak..yes..trma ksh krajaan..nk undi yg mana dpt bg keuntungan dan msa dpn..hehe..sorry..


Smokey, you're right, broadband subsidy will benefit in general & broader, smartphone subsidy will cause youth to spend more & not a necessity!


The Govt is throwing money down the drain like Malaysia have a gold mine. One would think with the economy slowing down globally the govt should be wise on spending but NOT for us with all the unnecessary subsidy here and there is crazy.

The subsidy for smartphone is one of the crazy idea "meant to give youths better access to the information superhigh- way." When majority of the ppl that own a smartphone do is play games, facebooking, msn and etc (not everyone). What superhigh-way, I wonder is the govt is hoping to create?


wad phone will get discount ??? apple got?????