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Apple apologises over Maps frustration

Apple Maps apology

The new iOS 6 brings a host of new improvements including its all new Maps which cuts its dependency on Google Maps. However after being rolled out, it had sparked a massive wave of complaints including missing landmarks, data and distorted satellite views. Clearly the half baked maps was a disaster, especially for users that rely on maps on a daily basis.

In a surprise turn of events, Apple CEO Tim Cook has written a public letter to explain the situation and apologise for the frustration that their users face. He added that Apple has created their new maps from ground up in order to offer better experience with turn by turn navigation, voice integration, flyover and vector maps.

In the meantime, he recommend existing users to use other alternatives such as Bing, MapQuest and Waze from the AppStore or visit web based Google Maps and Nokia Maps at

We wonder what would Steve Jobs do if he was still around today.