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iPhone 5 body is easily scratched

Earlier on we’ve seen the iPhone 5 being able to withstand various drops admirably well. However there are new complaints that the iPhone 5 is prone to scratches. Some buyers that reportedly complained that their iPhone 5 came with scratches and dents right out of the box.

While it is pretty normal to expect some issues with new devices, having build quality issues out of the box is surprising considering Apple’s sophisticated build process when making the iPhone 5. The anodised aluminium may look tough but the surface can be easily scratched off as shown on the video above by iFixit. We would expect Apple to offer a solution soon as having a brand new device with defects certainly won’t go down well to those who have queued up for a brand new device. If you’re getting an iPhone 5, looks like you would certainly need to buy a case for it.

Hopefully this won’t escalate into a huge “scratchgate” issue like the “antennagate” problem on the iPhone 4.